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Physical Protection &Police Equipments Testing Department

Police Uniform Testing Department

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Ø  Physical Protection

l  Door (Window)

burglary resistant safety door (window)building intercom and elec-control anti-burglary doorburglary resistant rolling doorburglar resistant windowanti-tail interlock safety doorvault doorexplosion protection door (window)blast wave releasing door(window)bulletproof door (window)forced entry resistant door (window)automatic door, etc

l  Box (Cabinet)

burglary resistant safes (cabinet)bank safe deposit boxcash carrying boxdangerous goods storage cabinet (box)automatic teller machineautomatic safe deposit boxself-service bank houseATM protection cabinsmart cartridge cabinet, etc

l  Locks

thief resistant machine locksthief resistant electronic locksthief resistant electric-driving locksthief resistant fingerprint lockscombination locksrim lockspin tumbler mortice door locks flat tumbler mortice door locks door lock with knobsbicycle locks (invisible anti-stealing)pin tumbler furniture lockspin tumbler padlockmagnetic card door locksautomatic door lockscar steering locks hinge, etc

l  Shelves

compact hand book shelvessteel book shelvesstacked steel book shelveselectric book shelves, etc

l  Materials

forced entry resistant glassblast resistant composited glassbullet resisting glazingbullet resisting steel plate


Ø  Police Equipments

l  Ballistic Protection

police ballistic resistance of body armorballistic helmets and face shields for policeballistic shieldsballistic and stab resistance body armorballistic materials, etc

l  Anti-riot

stab resistance body armor for policeanti-riot suit for policeanti-riot shield for policepolice anti-riot helmetsmotorcycle helmets for policeservice helmets for policecut-resistance gloves for policeacoustic generator for evacuationstab resistance bootsafety helmet, etc

l  Explosion Suppression

bomb suppression blanketexplosion suppression containerbomb blast suppression binEOD robotEOD roddisruptordangerous goods (explosive charges, drug, liquid) detector/inspector, etc

l  Police Instruments

metallic handcuffsfettersrestricting belt for policeelectrical footropesupervision room doorsjail bedsinterrogation chairspolice kettlepowerful flashlight for policeretractable baton for policerubber batonanti-riot batonblocking nets for policecatching net for policepunctured deflatable road-blockroadblockstandard knife for policespray with lachrymatory for policeportable information collection terminal of police security managementportable video/audio recording equipment for the individual enforcing policeman, etc

l  Vehicles

ballistic cash carrying vehiclesprison vehiclesmoveable security investigation vehiclesescort vehicles for policescouting vehicles on siteanti-riot tow truckanti-riot water cannon vehicles for policepolice anti-riot vehiclespolice off-road assault vehiclespolice climbing assault vehiclespolice traveling road-block vehiclespolice hydraulic automatic road-block vehiclespolice patrol vehiclespolice power generating vehiclesemergency communication vehicle for public securitypolice carrier vehiclepolice camping vehiclepolice-used scouting vehicle for traffic accidentspolice cooking vehiclepolice shower vehiclepolice vehicle for transport of trained dogmobile police roomballistic and self-sealing tire, etc


l  Apparatus

thumb break holsters for 9mm police revolverwipe tools for 9mm police revolverspeed loader with holsters for 9mm police revolverholsters for 9mm police revolvercontractile pistol-linkmultifunction belt for policefirst aid bagequipment bag for police, etc

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