Police Electronic Products for Security Protection Testing Department

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Physical Protection &Police Equipments Testing Department

Police Uniform Testing Department

Information Security Testing Department

Security Engineering Testing Department

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Ø  Information Security

l  Information Security Products Testing

firewallsecurity gatewayintrusion detection systemintrusion prevention systemsecurity isolation and information exchange productscomputer forensics productsmobile phone forensics productsoperating system security reinforcement productsdata backup and recovery productsanti - spam productsnetwork vulnerability scanner productssecurity audit productswebsites recovery productsInternet behavior management productsunited threat management productsterminal security management productsWEB application firewallanti denial of service products.

l  Information Technology Products Security Testing

router products security testing

switch products security testing

unidirectional transmission equipment products security testing

l  Information System Security Testing/ Inspection

network boundary access platform security testing evaluation

unidirectional import system security evaluation

information system security inspection

information system security audit inspection

l  Internet of Things (IOT) Perception Layer Products Security Testing

electronic anti-theft lock products security testing

network camera products security testing

RF remote control products security testing

barcode reader products security testing

RFID products security testing

reader products security testing

l  Internet of Things (IOT) Access Transport Layer Products Security Testing

internet of things (IOT) gateway security testing

data exchange system security testing

video access system security testing

unidirectional import system security testing

l  Internet of Things (IOT) Application Layer Products Security Testing

cloud computing products security testing

l  Internet of Things (IOT) System Integrated Security Testing

internet of things (IOT) integration security testing

security testing of target localization management system based on internet of things (IOT) intelligent perception technologies

security testing of ultra high-rise safety internet of things (IOT) monitoring and emergency rescue system

civil defense engineering construction and operation monitoring early warning system security testing

security testing of city safe operation and emergency management internet of things (IOT) application aided decision system

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