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Physical Protection &Police Equipments Testing Department

Police Uniform Testing Department

Information Security Testing Department

Security Engineering Testing Department

Metrology & Calibration Department

Technology & Standard Department

International Cooperation Department

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Metrology and Calibration Department:


tension testercounter scaleplatform scaledial scaledigital indicating weighing instrumentworking dynamometers, etc


current calipersheight caliper0.01mm dial gauges0.001mm dial gaugesstraight edgemicrometercommon normal micrometermicrometers for measuring inside dimensionuniversal bevel protractorscombined type angle rulessquaresdial test indicatorbore dial indicators, etc


digital storage oscilloscopelow frequency electronic voltmeterhigh frequency signal generatorlow frequency signal generatorRF communication test setdistortion meter calibratortransistor specificity oscilloscopecalibrator for oscilloscope, etc


digital multimeterAC and DC digital amperemeterAC and DC digital voltmeterDC supply powerdielectric strength testerleak current testerresistance resterresistance boxcapacitance boxinductance boxLCR tester,etc

Thermal Class

kinds of elastic element pressure gauges for general use

Time Frequency

frequency indicatorcrystal oscillatorsthe frequency parameters of all kinds of instruments, etc

  Speed Measuring

ground inducting coil measuring speedometersladar measuring speedometersautomatic monitor system for vehicles speeding, etc


detector for alcoholic quantity from breathing-out GasX-ray security inspection equipment, etc

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