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Security Engineering Calculation and Calibration

Ø  Security Electronics

l  Video Surveillance System in Security Protection System

(Network) cameranetwork dome camera、low-light level cameras、night vision instrumentmonitorliquid crystal displayvideo recording equipment(digital/network)matrix switcher/controllervideo serverlensoptical transmitter and receiverinfrared sourceinfrared thermal imagerwired transmission equipment of image signal for alarmwireless transmission system for videoimage splitterallocatorcharacter superimposerintelligent video analysis equipmentdisk arraystorage management serverencoder & decompilerpan-tilt , etc

l  Intrusion Alarm System


active infrared intrusion detectorpassive infrared detectors for use in buidingsmicrowave doppler detectors for use in buildingscombined passive infrared and microwave detectorvibration intrusion detectorpassive glass-break detectors for use in buildingsmagnetic switch intrusion detectorsultrasonic intrusion detectorcombination ultrasonic and passive infrared intrusion detectormicrowave interruption intrusion detectorlaser beam intrusion detectorvideo intrusion detectorvibration of cable/optical fibre intrusion detector, etc

2Intrusion &Anti- burglary Equipment

burglar-alarm control unitssecurity alarm centre control stationsperimeter protection high-voltage devicehigh-voltage protection fence for prison, etc

l  Access Control System

the access controllervisitor management systembiometric recognition access control systempalmprint recognition devicefingerprint recognition devicefinger vein recognition deviceface recognition deviceiris recognition devicecard readerthief resistant electronic locksburglary resistant fingerprint lockselectric lock controller (network)visual intercom system, etc

l  Electronic Patrol System

information collective devicepatrolling rodinformation button, etc

l  Parking Administrative System

road brakeaccess control machineparking lots security management system, etc

l  Security Inspection System for Anti-riot (Anti-explosion)

portable X-ray security inspection equipmentmicro-dose X-ray security inspection equipmentmicro-dose X-ray transmission body scannershand-held metal detectornon-linear junction detector, walk-through metal detectortrace narcotics/explosives detectors based on ion mobility spectrometrybanned liquid testercargo transport micro dose of X-ray security inspection equipmentvehicle safety inspection system, etc

l  Vehicle Security Alarm System

vehicle anti-theft alarm systemautomobile anti-theft alarm devicemotorcycle alarm devicevehicle security alarm network system, etc.

l  Others

ultra-violet photography standcounterfeit RMB-banknote discriminating devicepsychological testing system of multichannellithium batteriesdigital trial recording system, etc

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